Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Cowell was very thorough in his examination. I especially liked that he would not proceed with any treatment until he had completed a comprehensive examination. He really wanted to get all the facts before beginning. I think he really understands my personal case which is completely different from the typical "Dr's office" visits I've had in the past. All during the interview, physical exam, x-rays, etc. he was very careful that I was comfortable and he really took extra care that I would feel no pain. I was able to bring up non related pains and incidents that I thought may be helpful. He was very patient and willing to hear them all and consider them in his analysis. This is something I have never experienced in today's typical medical field although I think it is tremendously important. I'll be back!"

- Robert S.

"I have been a patient of Cowell Chiropractic for approximate 8 years. While, like many people, I have a general practitioner for everyday needs, I have always felt that Dr Cowell is "My Doctor". I have grown to have a relationship with him over the years. I have some unique health care conditions and presentations, and Dr Cowell has never shied away. He is very fair, and the patient can tell that he makes an effort to be upfront and honest about treatment plans, costs, etc. I think that ideally everyone should have a doctor or practitioner that knows them personally. They know how many kids they have, what they do for a living, etc. That's what always made me so comfortable with Dr Cowell and keep coming back. I have always felt like a unique person, and not a file or a number. Dr Cowell has a non-force technique. That means you won’t hear any crunching of bones in his office! He very much believes in how the spine impacts overall organ systems. He has great office staff as well. Always a friendly face to greet you, and a friendly voice on the phone. If I knew someone that was looking for chiropractic care, I would not hesitate to refer to Dr Cowell, and I have provided some referrals in the past."

- Sarah D.

"As always, friendly atmosphere, Brief waits. No rushing in or out of appointment."

- Virginia T.

"Dr. Cowell is very professional, thorough, and knowledgeable. He has a warm and personable way of setting a person at ease, and is an excellent teacher. After years of swearing off on chiropractors, he gave me great hope that I CAN in fact, be helped."

- Annette B.

"I was given my life back!  I came into the office a little over a year ago with severe back pain.  I couldn’t roll over in bed without help, couldn’t touch my knees, let along my feet.  I had not been in that much pain for over 10 years when I was in college and began to have pain from a car accident and complicated it with playing college tennis.  However, 10 years later, I know exactly who to call – my chiropractor!  I was so grateful that after just one adjustment it was able to decrease the level of pain in my back and began to recover fully within a short period of time."

- Anonymous

"Dr. Cowell has turned my life around!  I suffer from degenerative disc disease, resulting in chronic back pain.  I often, literally can barely even walk.  I have never been to a chiropractor before Dr. Cowell, as I had the fear of being “cracked”.  Dr. Cowell practices non-force chiropractic care, and no cracking.  During my first few months of treatment I was amazed at not only how much improvement I was making physically, but also at how well I felt.  The progress films he has taken speak for themselves.  Dr. Cowell has worked miracles on me and continues to do so."

- S.S.

"Life is better when our bodies are as healthy as possible.  Through the past several years with exams and firm but gently non-force adjustments, Dr. Cowell has relieved pain in my back, neck and sciatica.  Currently, the tingling and numbness in my arn is getting back to normal with adjustments. My life is good and I know my chiropractor will do a good job helping me stay as well as I can."

- Anonymous


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